How it started….

October 2018 we left for Sweden for at least 3 months to see if an emigration was possible. Before we finally moved here, we wanted to experience the ‘dark’ months. On internet we heard that some emigrants experienced this as a problem, but in our case it was fortunately not a problem at all 😊.

The next step was to find work for Karin and me so we could stay here for a much longer time. In that process we ran into “the blue hotel” named Wärdshuset Spader 2 which was for sale. It was no walk in the park to arrange everything that was needed for a “takeover”. But at the end we manage to close the deal and suddenly we where the proud owners!
New start, new opportunities but also…. a new name!! Wärdshuset Klarälvdalen, named after the valley of the well-known Klarälven River, which flows nearby. And another change, it’s not a hotel anymore, but a B&B..